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Chiller Replacement Chiller Replacement

Detailed below is a small selection of the chiller replacements we have carried out for clients over the last few years. The smallest chiller we have replaced to date is 17kW and the largest single machine is 3500kW.

Most chillers tend to be 400v/3ph/50Hz on UK sites, but we have experience of replacing 3300v (high voltage) centrifugal machines for a number of clients.

Our scope of works includes building or extending supporting bases, electrical works (controls & power), mechanical handling, craneage, mechanical pipework installation, thermal insulation and system commissioning. All services are co-ordinated in house by our specialist team.

Craneage and the lift shift element of the works is one of our specialties. The 3 No. air cooled chillers below were particularly difficult, in that the old units being removed were 10Tons each, the distance in from the edge of the roof was 36M and a had total height of 33M from the road.

The three machines were removed and replaced on consecutive weekends whilst maintaining the system chilled water flow rate and without any noticeable drop with the system temperatures.